Want to get perfect pictures? Here are professional tips to look great in front of the camera

You see pictures of social media stars and wonder why they always look perfect? The secret is in the way you take pictures, you too can get perfect pictures by following some tips regarding lighting and angle of the picture.

The perfect way to take pictures

Alex White, one of the influencers on social media, says that self-confidence is reflected in the pictures as well, and she gave her first advice during an interview with the American magazine Glamor, in this regard: "You are as amazing as you are."

You don't need to do anything to look better, because you are already gorgeous.

However, if you are feeling anxious and nervous in front of the camera lens, you are not alone.

There are a lot of women who look really great but the unease appears on their faces immediately when facing the cameras.

If you are one of those people who are embarrassed to stand in front of the camera and think their photos look really bad, maybe all you have to do is learn a few tricks about lighting and posture to get the perfect picture.


“Light is probably the most important thing in a photo,” says model Emily DiDonato in her YouTube video, to the point that some photographers only take pictures at sunrise or sunset (these times are also known as golden hour) for a backdrop. Blurry, naturally lit by sunlight.

"Direct lighting can be harsh, so if you're outside and the sun is low in the sky (two hours before sunset and two hours after sunrise), this is the best time to take a picture, as the light won't create contrasting shadows," DiDonato added.

Celebrity photographer David Nyanzi told us a career tip you won't regret: "Don't shoot in direct sunlight, and for artificial light I use a very bright direct flash. The best time for daylight is 9am."

For evening shots taken at events or sitting with friends at a restaurant, Alex recommends avoiding sitting directly under headlights because "it can create harsh shadows on the skin."


If you're taking a picture of someone else, or have a friend take a picture of you, "the best angle to shoot is from the bottom and top to get a full body shot, and for a standing position it's better to be straight," David recommends.

Shooting mode

For full-length body shots, David advises turning around at a slight angle, and Alex tells us to check out a well-known effect trick to lengthen legs. “Perform the photo at an upward angle, and it is also useful to place a leg over a leg while shooting for more elongation,” she says.

The first tip of both for those who are embarrassed and confused in front of the camera is to keep yourself occupied while someone is taking pictures of you so that the pictures look natural and spontaneous

For shots where you're directly facing the camera, "usually the best poses are to put your hand in your pocket, look to the side or down, or walk sideways," says David.

"Glass is also a great support," Alex says. "You can also put your hands on your waist or on your legs if you don't have anything in your hands, or you can rest your chin on one hand."

And for smiles that show embarrassment and confusion, "It's very hard to avoid in the photo, let's face it." "Try to relax the muscles in your face and jaw, think of something fun and smile naturally," Alex adds. In her video, Emily also recommends raising your eyebrows a bit so your eyes will open.

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